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Lego Compatible Minifigures

Are Lego Compatible Minifigures Worth More In Original Packaging?

In a word: yes. Any type of collectible item is always worth more if it's in its original packaging. When an item is in its original packaging, it's usually in better condition than an item that has been left out of a package for years. If you're working to sell your Lego compatible minifigures or your Jurassic World Lego minifigures and they've already been taken out of the package, don't worry. There are plenty of ways that you can still earn top dollar for your minifigures even though the original package is gone.

If you still have the package somewhere, remember that you can always put the minifigure back in the package, even if it's not sealed. Having the original packaging can help to guarantee authenticity, making it more likely that you'll get to sell the item at a great price. This can be true even if the original packaging is torn or damaged.

If the original packaging is completely missing, storing your minifigures in a protective container can help to up the value of the item. Even though the original packaging is gone, buyers will appreciate that you've gone the extra mile in an attempt to keep the item safe.

No matter what option you choose for packaging, you'll want to make sure that the minifigures you're selling are as clean as possible. This doesn't mean that it's a good idea to immerse them in soap and water, rather, use a soft cloth and/ or damp, clean toothbrush to remove any dust and debris from your minifigure. If you're on the hunt for Lego compatible minifigures, Jurassic World Lego minifigures, or other minifigures, reach out to us at Minifigure Outlet today.

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